Beyond the Veil

This is my first post in a really long time. Mostly because of the lack of time. So much time went by that I even forgot the e-mail account I used. Thankfully I received help in retreiving it. So, this post is something of a "get back on the horse" thing..


Compared to most people who listen to the type of music I do, I have a lot of catching up to do. As an example, my most recent discovery is the symphonic (etc.) metal band Epica. I have known of them for a long time, I just haven't really listened to their work as a whole. It wasn't until I listened to their album The Quantum Enigma that I realised how much their themes and style actually fit me.

I have listened to that spesific album a lot, and it has helped me equally as much in every area of my life. As with everything that inspires me, I usually end up transfering that into makeup and pictures. These days that usually means doing simple stuff on my phone and post it on Instagram. Time consuming projects that includes lots of makeup, wigs, props, timing, editing, etc. isn't really an option that often.

Getting on with it.. Yesterday I did a really quick shoot after school based on one of the tracks from The Quantum Enigma album. The song I was inspired by is Sense Without Sanity (The Impervious Code). 


«Perceive a new reality. Do not suppress.. See through the veil.»

I had to play around with the lyrics a little bit so that it would fit the idea I had for this picture. After all, without the last sentence the curtains wouldn?t be anything more that plain decoration. Because the song is great in it?s entirety it took me a while to land on that spesific part. Another quote that is of great importance to me and my life is:

«The longer you wait for the future, the shorter it will be»




I have been wanting to do a theme picture based on Maleficent from Disneys Sleeping Beauty for the longest time. I have been waiting until now to do it because I felt like this was the kind of project that deserved better quality than the pictures I have been making up till now.

So here she is ladies and gentlemen. Maleficent

I have used some stock photos here. These are direct links to the original stocks.

Brick wall:




For this picture I used the same face paint I used for my Elphaba and Lorne pictures. I never was content with the face paints I have tried before, so when I did those previous pictures I mixed green eye shadow pigment with a light foundation to get a paint that is easily applied and that covers everything. I made the head cover with a pair of pantyhoes. The cape is only a piece of (originally green) velvet fabric.

How to get long and strong nails - My nail routine

I get God only knows how many questions about my nails. Questions like "are they real?", "how do you take care of them?" and "How do you make sure they don't break?". First off, they are completely real. I have worked really hard to get them this long. They are also very strong, so breaking is not probable. Here today, I will describe how I take care of them, which is also how I got them this long in the first place.

When I was a child, and in my teen years I bit nails. They were therefore very fragile and broke very easily. A couple of years ago I decided to see if I could get them stronger and a little longer than they used to be, because my fingertips constantly hurt.


I use a glass file when I want to get them shorter, as they are more kind to the nails. In my everyday routine I use a polishing file from H&M. I use the finest part because it takes care of tiny damages to the nails that is bound to happen no matter how careful you are. Eliminating those tiny damages will help prevent those damages grow into a bigger problem. I use the polish afterward on the tips to make them completely smoothe. I use a brand by the name Trind, that I buy at Vita. I use the cuticle balsam, nail balsam and most importantly, the nail repair matt. I use the nail repair matt as a base coat. It strenghtens my nails and help prevent the nails from breaking and splitting.

link - click the picture

I have one last tip that has helped me a lot. Every once in a while a nail does break. When the nail breaks, but not all the way off, and it will hurt if you clip it off.. Use a little nail glue used for fake nails on the area where the nail has cracked and place a tiny piece of a tea bag over it. Let it dry, and put another layer of glue on top. Let it dry, and use a polishing file to smoothe it all. This will make sure you won't have to clip your nail, and let it grow a little so that it won't hurt when you finally clip it. I have done this numerous times, and it works wonders. If you don't want to clip your nail down at all you have to do this more than once, but it is possible. 

Good luck everyone.

The Devil's Carnival - Painted Doll

I did a theme picture a while back based on a character in a movie by the name The Devil's Carnival, by Terrance Zdunich, the guy who also wrote the story for one of my favourite movies, Repo the Genetic Opera. The character i chose was Painted Doll, played by Emilie Autumn. The character really fascinated me, and I just had to my own version of it.

The Devil's Carnival - Theatrical trailer


Background: Deviantart - Nevertakemystocks


Amaranthe has just released their second record, The Nexus, and it's amazing. Today I have done a few theme pictures inspired by the song Razorblade from the new album.


RAZORBLADE By: Amaranthe

Crossing paths defending faith

Face the truth I'm balancing a razorblade

Time has come the game is on


Step inside a world of pain

I'm divine I fight so I can break these chains

Let me be the enemy

The rules will never change


Nothing will stand in my way

Adrenaline runs in my veins

Justice prevails and my name's

Has entered the scene I


Going up to the top

Never stop

Chorus: Never give it up never fall never drop

You gotta give it up to the beat of your heart

And if you don't we take it from the start

Going up to the top

Never stop

Never gonna fail if you fall you get up

Surrender to the beat

From the pulse of your heart

And if you don't we take it from the start


Ticking clock a life in vain

Left alone the die is thrown a clashing pain

Just a brick a false charade



Crushing down like heavy rain

Time has come the ticket to eternal fame

Against all odds I rule this play

There's a darkness in my veins


Nothing will stand in my way

Adrenaline runs in my veins

Justice prevails and my name's

Has entered the scene I




See through the endless array

With the light's that are guiding our way


Going up to the top

Never stop

Never gonna fail if you fall you get up

Surrender to the beat

From the pulse of your heart

And if you don't we take it from the start


The New Normal

Last summer I decided I wanted lilac hair. That did NOT turn out well. Imagine blue spots drizzled randomly around in my hair. I wore a hat for a few days. Luckily I found a wig on ebay, that is now my favourite. These pictures are from when I went to have lunch with my grandmother, my dad and my brother. I came into the restaurant before they did, and people were staring like crazy. I'm still not completely used to it, so weirds me out. But I guess it's too much to ask that people don't stare when you come in to a nice restaurant wearing a long, lilac wig, red lips, a short skirt, a leather jacket and 10 cm stilettoes..

It's weird thinking back to when I was younger. I used to be invisible, but I'm not anymore. However, I met a guy I went to high school with when I was out on town the other night, and he reminded me that he used to see me, even then. And I realised he was right. So I guess it must have been mostly in my head.

First outfit picture.. I finally have a mirror so that I can see how I look before I leave the apartment.



Samling av diverse temabilder.









Theme Picture - Belle

Finally got around to do a theme picture based on Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. I made the enchanted rose myself. It's all from Panduro Hobby. The rose is fastened with Fimo clay, and I've covered that up with rose petals from a rose like the full one.

Annie Leibovitz - Magic comes to life

A little while ago I saw a picture somewhere on the internet, of Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella. Yesterday I looked around for inspiration for my Beauty and the Beast theme picture, that I want to do some time this week. Anyhow, I found a picture that reminded me a lot of the Cinderella one, and so I looked up the photographer. I was glued to the screen for a long while, completely spellbound by her pictures. Her eye is SO good, and her ability to capture "that special moment". Of course, the re-touch ads a lot of magic, but that is like the fairy dust in an already magical world. I am one on those people who need to believe in magic, and I think I wrote about that at some point. This photographer helps me keep my faith in magic, love and beauty.


The photographer is Annie Leibovitz. Click the picture to read about her and her work.

Taylor Swift as Rapunzel

Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella

Rachel Weisz as Snow White

Vanessa Hudgens as Sleeping Beauty


Last year the awesome TV series SMASH started running, and when it finished last summer it turned out I had to wait until now for it to start up again. The wait has been long, but it was worth it. It's still amazing. They started with a double episode, and I watched it this past friday before I ran off to this Metal festival, which was awesome by the way.

Anyhow.. This episode featured a whole new song, and I completely fell in love with it. I was above and beyond when I found the full studio version on YouTube yesterday. I dare not think about how many times I've heard it so far. The lyrics are great, and it's so upbeat I can't stop smiling. I guess that's why I've heard it so many times, because despite the lyrics being sort of sad, and they make me think a bit too much, I still feel happy when listening to it.

So I thought I'd share it. 

I realise this is a very random, and "boring" post, but I am epicly bored, as I just finished a school project. For some reason I'm totally worn out, and I feel kind of empty. I guess it's because it's sunday, and I have nothing to do. If it wasn't for total lack of energy, and the fact that I don't want to move out of my bed, I could do more school work. But right now I can't focus enough to bring myself to open another book.

Perhaps I have a picture somewhere I can edit or something. I just want today to pass, and tomorrow to come along, so that I can slip out of this dream like state of mind.

Decent time for a time out

Today's look. I thought this was a decent looking picture. Funny, since I'm totally worn out. Need to just take a time out and relax. It's weird though, because this haven't been a particularly hard week. It just feels like I lack something essential, without knowing what. So I hope I will regain strength over the weekend.

The Princess and the Frog - Tiana inspired makeup

The other day I found a makeup look on MakeupBee that was inspired by Tiana from the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. I thought the look was so beautiful, so I wanted to do it myself. I did more or less the same thing as the girl who has the original, but without the winged liner beneath the eye. 

This is the original. It was done by Cando C on MakeupBee. Click the picture to get directly to see this, and her other wonderful work.


Here's my version of it.

The Reveal of the Ego - Not friends, nor enemies.. Just people.

Yesterday me and my flatmate saw a movie by Guy Richie called Revolver. He had seen it the day before, and was going to watch it again because it was so good, and so I joined in watching it. On the surface it's all about guys shooting at each other, stealing money and drugs. But the message it brings is so interesting. It talks about ego, enemies and mind games. After watching my mind was blown, and all the things I'd just heard made me think a lot. There are so many great quotes in this film. Like for instance:

"The only way to get smarter, is by playing a smarter opponent." - Fundamentals of Chess 1883

"The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look." - Julius Caesar 75 BC

This last quote really made me think, and made me wonder what it ment, and at the end of the movie I got the answer to that. These next two quotes are from the end titles when there's a list of facts told by various experts on pschycology and such.

?In religion the ego manifests as the devil, and of course no one realizes how smart the ego is because it created the devil so you could blame someone else.? -Dr. Deepak Chopra M.D.

?There is no such thing as an external enemy, no matter what that voice in your head is telling you. All perception of an enemy is a projection of the ego as the enemy.? -Dr. Deepak Chopra M.D.


Now how about that. At first I thought that it's not completly like that, that we do all have enemies of some kind. But no, I accept this as the truth. All the people in the world, in chase of power, money and so on create their own enemies, and believe they have enemies because they are blinded by their goal, and their imagined enemies end up thinking the other way around, and then you have it going.

I find this to be true for myself as well. There are people I believe to be my enemies because they have done something to me, or done something to make my ego turn them into enemies, and then my ego make me believe they are really my enemies. It makes me believe that those people intentionally do the things they do solely to hurt me in some way. When in reality they act their way, because they're driven by their own ego in their pursuit of their own goals.

And with that I now know that I have no real enemies. That the real enemy is within me, and that my ego is what I need to overcome. I realise that the people I saw as my enemies are just people. It doesn't change the way I feel about them per say, but they are no longer branded as "enemies". They are just people blinded by their own ego, unable to look past it and see the consequences of their actions. So the way I see it, those people are not my friends, nor my enemies.. They are just people.


Because Hats are Cool

Les Miserables - The Movie

I went to see Les Miserables today. It was totally mindblowing, and I still haven't really been able to take it all in how wonderful it was. I cried, a lot during the movie. It was like, one moving scene, almost calming down, and then the next sad scene and more crying. It's a miracle that the makeup stayed in place. 

I have seen the musical on stage in London, and that was a marvellous experience. You simply can't compare anything to seeing something like that on stage. However, I love it when musicals are made into movies. It's a whole other experience, and it makes it more real, in a way. And seeing this movie in all its glory on the big screen was breathtaking. No, it's not prettyfied, it's like seeing real people and real emotions. It's not normal to belt out songs while crying, but oh my, that was a whole new world. Anne Hathaway might not be a world class singer, but her take on the role of Fantine was fantastic. And Hugh Jackman did a wonderful, lifelike Jean Valjean. Even Russel Crow surprised me. I sat with goosebumps all the way through. So go see it people. I would definately reccomend giving it a chance, even those of you who for ever more swear to the holy world of theatre.

I will definately go see it again. Next time I'll bring my mum. We saw it together in London, and I think it would be really nice to share the movie experience as well.


Today's makeup. 

New Year Resolutions

So many people have New Year resolutions about loosing weight and starting a healthy life. And so many people fail at doing so, and then just give up. I used to weigh 89-92 kg. That's where I was two years ago. Then, a friend of mine, who is also the mother of two other friends of mine, tipped me about a way of life that actually helps. I see many people jumping onto the various "miracle cures" that's out there, and then gain the weight they lost when they stop the diet. 

I've tried several diets myself, but without result. I tried Fedon, didn't work. I tried Ketolyse, which made me sick, and horrible to be around because I was angry all the time. This, however, is no miracle cure. It works like a miracle, but it is not a DIET, that you do for a short period and then stop. It's a lifestyle, that is all about eating healthy. Basicly, it's about not eating sugar, potatoes, pasta, white flour, things that come in cans and bags. It's about eating clean, natural products, and just small amounts of rice (preferably brown) or wholegrain pasta and such. 

This is a VERY short explanation of what it's about. This is no big secret, it's something we all know, if we just use our heads. You might think that this takes forever, but this workes fast, if you just do it properly. I have always had trouble loosing weight, but this lifestyle made me loose 10 kg in aproximately one and a half month. And I haven't gained it back. After a while I dropped another 5-6 kg, by sticking to this. I am now half way to my final goal, of 65 kg. I haven't been living very healthy this past year, because of many things. But.. Now I'm continuing the journey, and if I'm lucky, I'll have reached my goal when summer arrives. Maybe even before that.

So drop those fancy wonder diets, and do it the proper way. Eat healthy, and exercise. I didn't exercise when I started this two years ago, so it works without, but everyone knows the body needs exercise.


That was me then..

This is me now.

Yes, I know. It's not a full body shot, but I didn't have any.

Hilary Duff - My best of

I used to be a HUGE fan of Hilary Duff. I knew all her lyrics by heart, and I saw all the movies. The thing is, I didn't realize until yesterday how much she has inspired me. Yes, the music is about as "pop" as you can get it, but it's feel good. So today, I decided to make a little list of my favourite songs, because I need to do something while I wait for the pain killer to kick in.


 Someone's Watching Over Me

 Wake Up

 So Yesterday

 Gypsy Woman

Theme Picture - Blood Elf

I remember watching the trailer for one of the Expansion Packs for World of Warcraft, and I got so insanly fascinated by this dragon creature. My brother told me that it was not a dragon, but something called a mana wyrm. So, now that I finally got around to editing this picture, I had to include that mana wyrm. I still think it looks like a dragon though.


I'm much more satisfied with this picture, than with the Night Elf one. Even though I spent more time editing, as I had to get my little "dragon" friend into the picture, it was a lot easier to do this one. Perhaps because I've had a better day, and I was more inspired. But I think it helped that I was more certain about how I wanted this one to look when I was done with it. 

What do you think?

Do they know it's Christmas?

"Throw your arms around the world at Christmas time."

Glee (originally by Band Aid) - Do They Know it's Christmas?

Night Elf

I tried playing World of Warcraft once. I died instantly. But, I do find the characters fascinating, so I did a theme picture based on a Night Elf today. 


Finally I'm back on track after a couple of days of being totally worn out. So yesterday I celebrated by watching loads of TVseries, and doing a new theme based picture. The idea I had for it was kinda awesome, if I might say, and the base picture turned out the way I wanted it, but being a noob when it comes to effects in Photoshop, that part of the picture didn't come out exactly as I wanted. But practice makes perfect. Seeing as it's my first attempt to create smoke, it doesn't blow. 


This is a picture inspired by another song by Kamelot. This too is from their recent album, Silverthorn, and the song I drew inspiration from was Veritas. Veritas means truth, and the original story is about two brothers, whom after their sisters tragic death keep it a secret what really happened to her. They swear to each other to keep it a secret, but as a constant reminder to themselves, they burn the word Veritas on their chests.

"In the mirror my reflection lies to me.

That is not the man I want to see.

But every harvest takes me closer to my aim.

I will be there as soon as darkness falls.

My life is but a heartbeat away, and all you ever had will soon belong to me.


In morte ultima veritas.

You will kneel before me and you will confess that I'm God.

Vincit veritas in omni re.

save me your prayers for death is the answer to life."

 Kamelot: Veritas (Silverthorn)

Information Overload

Exams..are..stressful! Yea! They are. No matter how good your work is, you will always doubt yourself, and think that it's not good enough. I mean, it's a human thing, to doubt yourself. And yea, in a way it's right, because you can always say more about your topic, but the thing is, there are limits to how much you are allowed to write, and to how long you are allowed to talk. So there it is. But, and there is a but. What you have when you finally put down your pen, is good enough for that exam you've worked on. Why? Because you did the best you could.


This week I have my last exam this semester. More precisely, it's tomorrow. And I'm done. D.O.N.E! I've worked my ass off with my presentation, and I've read almost every page of the curriculum. What's left of it is one article, and a few pages of another article that made me want to scream. Yes! I think I could work more, and make it better. But it's good enough, and I'm happy with it. And, I look forward to present my work tomorrow. But even more, I look forward to taking a real time out and enjoy Christmas.


Right now my head overflows with information. It's information overload in there. It feels like I have a troll sitting on my shoulders that is using my head as a drum. When I talk I can't pronounce anthing correctly, because it seems like all the information is trying to get out all at the same time. I should go to bed, and I will. I just felt like I needed to write this blogpost before I go hug my pillow, and pretend to be a bear going into hybernation.

So there it is.. Now, I will go sleep.. Good night cuties. And for those of you who have exams left, good luck to all of you!


Fade Into Me

Had a teeny tiny break from my exam and finished a picture I started a little while back.

I just ended up calling it Fade into me, because I was listening to this song while I finished editing.

Moral Support and Celebration

Examns started today, and I must say I like it. I'm much more calm than I was a few days ago. It was almost like the opposite of the saying "silence before the storm". I like that feeling. Like nothing can beat me down, because I know I can manage anything. 

So from today till next friday it's the relaxing form of examns, staying at home and write. The week after that there's oral exam in "education". And it feels great, because I haven't even given it that much thought, but I already know a whole lot of things that I want to include in that exam. So yes, I am happy.


In just a little while now I will run off to be moral support for my awesome kitty who has been instructing an amateur theatre group. Today is their premiere, so I promised I would come watch. And it will be nice to go see a play again, because it's been a while. Actually, when I think about it, it's been aproximately a year, because last time was a play she had the instructor job for as well. I look forward to see what she's accomplished this time.


Leaving the house calls for makeup. If I leave the house without it there's a risk people will ask me if I'm sick. I guess it's becaus of my super light complexion. So honestly, I kinda look like a ghost without any makeup. So yes, celebrating that I got Photoshop up and running again, I will now share yet another "everyday makeuplook" picture.

I've got shiny nails.. *squeek*


Kamelot in Oslo

It's funny, because when I think about how much I love music, it's weird that I haven't been to more concerts. I have never, until recently spent money on a concert ticket. I don't know why. I have been to Get Focused and gotten to see awesome musicians play hillsongs. I've seen some of the most influential hillsong groups, like Delirious, Hillsong and Jesus Culture. But except that I haven't gone to like rock concerts and so on. This summer I went to Gothenburg to see Amaranthe, one of my favourite bands, and it was awesome. That trip was awesome, because it was an entirely new experience for me, and because I went with one of my best friends, whom I love dearly.

But now, for the first time I have been to a concert that I bought a ticket for. Last saturday, Kamelot ended their European tour in Oslo. I've known of them, but I haven't listened to their music much. But, my kittylove, that introduced me to Amaranthe insisted that I should start listening to Kamelot. And I'm glad I did. So, I bought their recent album Silverthorn, and I went to see them in Oslo. It was awesome. They were awesome live, and the energy of both the band and the audience was amazing. 

This is Sacrimony. Of course you don't get the proper experience from a video, but you get the impression.

Their new vocalist, Tommy Karevik was awesome. I respect and like Roy Kahn's previous work, and I see how people that have listened to Kamelot for a long time can prefer him, because they are used to Kahn. But Karevik is nothing short of fantastic. His precence when he sings, his powerful vocals, his variation and the feelings he put into it does the music right, like it deserves. And my opinion, is that people who might have decided that they only want Kahn should reconcider, and give this guy a chance. I mean, there's a reason why he was picked out to be the new vocalist. 

Also, the rest of the band has an amazing presence, and they are so good. And Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), the guest vocalist, whom I respect so much, did a glorious job. She is one of the female vocalists in the metal world that I really look up to. 


The Happy Trotting Elf

Well, my computer got sick, but my superawesome dad fixed it, so now it's well again. Today I got a bit Christmasy and did a super light makeup. I feel like I look somewhat like an elf, the kind that helps Santa Claus with presents and stuff. I was even asked if I was Santa Claus by a random man when I was drinking coffee with a friend of mine on our usual cafe. When I said I was not he continued by asking if I was a teacher, which was fun, since that is what I'm studying to be.

Aaaand because all this elf talk reminded me of a clip from Couplings, and that inspired the title, I will share that super fun clip with you guys. It's worth a view.

Beauty of the Forest

Did another theme picture today. I did a look for a competition on MakeupBee, where we were going to create an autumn inspired makeup look. And I did a theme based picture as well with that look.

It's partly inspired by one of Illamasquas looks, with the pinkish eyeshadow underneath my brow, and that marks the area between my eyes and my nose. That and the freckles. The green lipstick is one of my new lipsticks from Lime Crime Cosmeticks, which I got in the mail yesterday. It's from their Alchemy Collection, and it's called Serpentina. I love it, love it, love it.

When You're Bold Enough

Moving back into my old routines. Usually I've gotten up from bed bright and early to put more that just a little effort into my appearance, or in other words my makeup. My wardrobe is basicly black, black, black, black, oh, look! a color, black, black and even more black. So when it comes to that it's basicly like floating on water. But yes, makeup. I get a lot of questions about how long it takes to do the kind of makeup I'm wearing, and to be honest, it takes a while. Not because it's complicated to do, but because I enjoy that part of my day so much. So usually I take like aproximately one hour to put it on, and just relax while doing it. Included in that time is also of course finding out what kind of makeup I want to wear that day.


Also I have a lot of wigs, as you might have noticed. And when you have that many wigs you should really wear them as well. And when you're bold enogh to do so it gives you a lot of opportunities to play around with all sorts of makeup looks, and create completely different styles from day to day. That's one of the reasons I keep my own hair short, besides the fact that my hair is so "fine" that when it get's long it doesn't look that good on me.


It's really funny as well, when you dare to wear crazy wigs in public. People stare, and many people look like the've just seen an alien or something. Not that I strive for that, because I dress, wear the makeup I'm wearing and so on purely for my own sake and because it makes me feel good, but it's fun. So I do wear my wigs for school and such.

Today I wore my awesome long, super pink wig to school.

The makeup is not my creation though. It's inspired by this look by MakeupBee Brittany C

Facebook Page

I love her looks, and I thought this look would fit with this wig..


Now it's off to do school work. Reading shitloads of curriculum, included grammar, which I've never until now have had any interest in what so ever, and starting on another obligatory assignment paper. Wish me luck sweethearts.

Angel of Afterlife

Been wanting to do a theme picture inspired by Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife) by Kamelot for a while now. And I finally got around to it. It's not so easy when you feel like all you have time for is school work. But I've learned from previous mistakes, and know now that sometimes you just have to take a little time out.

Kamelot - Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)


It's been a while, since I've done any kind of none traditional makeup. Haven't had time or energy. But hanging out with some friends today, which happens very rarely these days, I finally found time to blow some dust off my beloved makeup equipment. It's not much, and it's not theme based, it's sort of revisiting an old look which me and another close friend both did for UKM a few years back.

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